Home Improvement Projects and Your HOA


General Improvements

The Executive Board of the HOA proudly supports homeowners' desires to maintain and improve their home.  The board also recognizes that beautiful homes serve to encourage other homeowners to improve their own homes.  Beautiful homes and lawns improve property values and that is a service to all homeowners in the neighborhood.  Home improvement projects can present unique challenges and in some cases requires permits from the city.  The board relies heavily on the Project Review Committee (PRC) to help 

with regard to improvements the HOA CCRs contains the following language: 

Improvements: Construction, Repair, Alteration or Removal of -

No improvements or temporary structures which will be visible above ground or which will ultimately affect the visibility of any above ground improvement shall be constructed, built, erected, or placed or materially altered on any Lot without the prior written approval of the Project Review Committee (PRC), including approval of building plans, specific times, materials and plot plans. All improvements upon any Lot shall at all times be kept in good condition and repair and adequately cleaned, painted or otherwise maintained by the Owner thereof. In the event of a disagreement over whether an Improvement is in good condition and repair, cleaned, adequately painted or otherwise maintained, the opinion of the PRC shall control. Any construction, other than normal maintenance which alters the exterior appearance of any Improvement, or the removal of any Improvement, shall be preformed only with the prior written approval of the PRC.

Project Review Committee (PRC)

This committee ensures your project maintains property values by keeping the land and structures in accordance with the covenants, conditions, and restrictions established in the governing documents.

Acting for The Board, the Project Review Committee serves to review residents’ plans for alterations to the exterior of their homes and construction or alteration of other improvements of any kind. The goal of the committee is to foster harmony and continuity in the high quality of our neighborhood by evaluating proposed improvement projects on the basis of compatibility with the neighborhood and the potential impact of the project on neighbors nearby. 

A) The PRC is composed of volunteer members from the Woods Homeowners Association and which have been approved by the Woods Board of Directors. In the event of death or resignation of a member the Woods Board will appoint a successor. The members will serve without compensation and shall not be liable in damage to anyone for any action taken or any failure to act. 

B) The PRC shall exercise its best judgment to see that all improvements and structures will conform to and harmonize with the existing surrounding structure, and that trees and environment are reasonably protected. 

C) No Owner shall undertake any alteration or improvement to his home or upon his deeded property including but not limited to patio covers, decks, outside building, fencing, building add-ons, or color changes without prior approval from the PRC.

Submitting a Request for Review

1. Download a Woods Improvement Request Form, found in the Neighborhood Documents Page.

2. Submit your form and project plans to the HOA via our property manager, Associa.

The Woods Association of Owners, Inc.
c/o Associa Hill Country
115 Wild Basin, Suite 308
Austin TX 78746 

Or emailed to:


Or Fax: 512-328-6178

3. The Project Review Committee will reach out you to schedule a visit to review your project.  Please allow at least 2 weeks for the review and approval of your project.